Lucerne Area Revitalization Association

The goal is to make things better for the long term. Getting there requires attention to social, environmental and economic outcomes.

Kelsey Creek Schoolhouse

In 2021, the Kelseyville Unified School District granted LARA the Kelsey Creek Schoolhouse as the result of an RFP process that began before the pandemic. Additionally, we have entered a 50-year lease for the property where the schoolhouse sits in Finley.

Now, we’re preparing to move forward with the next phase of the project: Restoration.

It’s an exciting time for us to get here, but we need your help.

We have a bid for removal of the decades of lead paint that coat the interior and exterior of the building. That’s a critical project in order to make the building safe and available for use to the community, especially for children, as we hope to host school and youth events in the future.

Lead removal also is very expensive. In order to get that project done in 2023, we’re now kicking off our first major round of fundraising for the project.

To support the Kelsey Creek Schoolhouse renovation project, please use the adjacent donation form for a dedicated donation.

LARA is a 501c(3) incorporated in the state of California.
LARA's mission is to engage in area projects designed to foster job creation and improve quality of life and health, and to pursue activities related to community development in the absence of the redevelopment agency.